adverb, adjective

  1. from one extreme limit of a thing to the other: the overall length of the bridge.
  2. covering or including everything: an overall impression; to view something overall.


  1. overalls, (used with a plural verb)
    1. loose, sturdy trousers, usually with a bib or biblike piece to which shoulder straps are attached, originally worn over other trousers to protect them, as by factory workers or farmers.
    2. long waterproof leggings.
  2. British. a smock or loose-fitting housedress.

adjective (ˈəʊvərˌɔːl) (prenominal)

  1. from one end to the other
  2. including or covering everythingthe overall cost

adverb (ˌəʊvərˈɔːl)

  1. in general; on the whole

noun (ˈəʊvərˌɔːl)

  1. British a protective work garment usually worn over ordinary clothes
  2. (plural) hard-wearing work trousers with a bib and shoulder straps or jacket attached

adv.“everywhere,” Old English ofer eall, from ofer “over” (see over) + eall (see all). Sense of “including everything” is from 1894. The noun in the clothing sense (usually plural) of “loose trousers of a strong material worn by cowboys, etc.” is from 1782. Specific sense “loose fitting canvas trousers with a bib and strap top” (originally worn by workmen over other clothes to protect them from wet, dirt, etc.) is attested from 1897.

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