noun, plural o·va [oh-vuh] /ˈoʊ və/.

  1. Cell Biology.
    1. the female reproductive cell or gamete of animals, which is capable of developing, usually only after fertilization, into a new individual.
    2. the female reproductive cell or gamete of plants.
  2. Architecture. an oval ornament, as in an egg-and-dart molding.

noun plural ova (ˈəʊvə)

  1. an unfertilized female gamete; egg cell

n.(plural ova), 1706, from Latin ovum “egg,” cognate with Greek oon, Old Norse egg, Old English æg, all perhaps from PIE root *awi- (see egg (n.)). n. pl. o•va (ō)

  1. The female reproductive cell or gamete; egg.

Plural ova

  1. The mature reproductive cell of female animals, produced in the ovaries. See more at egg.

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