noun, plural pa·laes·tras, pa·laes·trae [puhles-tree] /pəˈlɛs tri/.

  1. Greek Antiquity. palestra.

noun, plural pa·les·tras, pa·les·trae [puhles-tree] /pəˈlɛs tri/. Greek Antiquity.

  1. a public place for training or exercise in wrestling or athletics.

noun plural -tras or -trae (-triː)

  1. (in ancient Greece or Rome) a public place devoted to the training of athletes

noun plural -tras or -trae (-triː)

  1. the usual US spelling of palaestra

n.see palestra. n.early 15c., from Old French palestre (12c.), from Latin palaestra, from Greek palaistra “gymnasium, public place for exercise,” originally “wrestling school,” from palaiein “to wrestle” (of unknown origin) + -tra, suffix denoting place.

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