Pergamum [pur-guh-muh m] Examples noun

  1. an ancient Greek kingdom on the coast of Asia Minor: later a Roman province.
  2. the ancient capital of this kingdom; now the site of Bergama, in W Turkey.
  3. ancient name of Bergama.

Also Per·ga·mon [pur-guh-muh n, -mon] /ˈpɜr gə mən, -ˌmɒn/, Per·ga·mus [pur-guh-muh s] /ˈpɜr gə məs/, Per·ga·mos [pur-guh-muh s, -mos] /ˈpɜr gə məs, -ˌmɒs/. Related formsPer·ga·mene [pur-guh-meen] /ˈpɜr gəˌmin/, Per·gam·ic [per-gam-ik] /pərˈgæm ɪk/, adjectivePer·ga·me·ni·an, adjective, noun Examples from the Web for pergamon Historical Examples of pergamon

  • They must have been entered from the cloister, much as those at Pergamon were.

    The Care of Books

    John Willis Clark

  • It was extended even to the floors, for which mosaic had been used as early as the time of the royal court of Pergamon.

    History of Ancient Art

    Franz von Reber

  • Such is the tale of the kingdom of Pergamon, of the city-commonwealth of Rhodes, of the confederation of Achaia.

    The Chief Periods of European History

    Edward A. Freeman

  • A definite medical school was established at Alexandria and others perhaps at Pergamon and elsewhere.

    The Legacy of Greece


  • Next, to the south, was the Library—with stores of papyri worth more perhaps to the world than all the architecture of Pergamon.

    Ancient Town-Planning

    F. Haverfield

  • British Dictionary definitions for pergamon Pergamum noun

    1. an ancient city in NW Asia Minor, in Mysia: capital of a major Hellenistic monarchy of the same name that later became a Roman province

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