Periander [per-ee-an-der] Examples noun

  1. died 585 b.c., tyrant of Corinth.

Examples from the Web for periander Historical Examples of periander

  • Periander knit his brows, and looked daggers at his courtiers.

    Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 59, No. 366, April, 1846


  • For this cause it was that Periander took vengeance on those of Corcyra.

    The History Of Herodotus


  • Said Periander, “Hesiod might as well have kept his breath to cool his pottage.”

    Familiar Quotations

    John Bartlett

  • The messenger returned to Periander, and related what had occurred.

    Darius the Great

    Jacob Abbott

  • Periander has gained new honors by this admirable piece of work.


    William Ware

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