periclase [per-i-kleys, -kleyz] Word Origin noun

  1. a cubic mineral, native magnesia, MgO, occurring usually in metamorphosed dolomite.

Origin of periclase 1835–45; German Periklas New Latin periclasia, equivalent to peri- peri- + Greek klás(is) a breaking (cf. -clase) + -ia -ia British Dictionary definitions for periclase periclase noun

  1. a mineral consisting of magnesium oxide in the form of isometric crystals or grains: occurs in metamorphosed limestone

Derived Formspericlastic (ˌpɛrɪˈklæstɪk), adjectiveWord Origin for periclase C19: from New Latin periclasia, from Greek peri very + klasis a breaking, referring to its perfect cleavage

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