pericycle [per-uh-sahy-kuh l] ExamplesWord Origin noun Botany.

  1. the outermost cell layer of the stele in a plant, frequently becoming a multilayered zone.

Origin of pericycle From the Greek word períkyklos, dating back to 1890–95. See peri-, cycle Examples from the Web for pericycle Historical Examples of pericycle

  • The number of xylem groups is fairly large and the development of the xylem is from the pericycle towards the centre of the stele.

    A Handbook of Some South Indian Grasses

    Rai Bahadur K. Ranga Achariyar

  • British Dictionary definitions for pericycle pericycle noun

    1. a layer of plant tissue beneath the endodermis: surrounds the conducting tissue in roots and certain stems

    Derived Formspericyclic (ˌpɛrɪˈsaɪklɪk, -ˈsɪk-), adjectiveWord Origin for pericycle C19: from Greek perikuklos pericycle in Science pericycle [pĕr′ĭ-sī′kəl]

    1. A layer of nonvascular tissue that surrounds the vascular tissues in the roots of plants and is in turn surrounded by the endodermis. New lateral roots begin growth from the pericycle.

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