permittivity [pur-mi-tiv-i-tee] Word Origin noun, plural per·mit·tiv·i·ties.

  1. Electricity. the ratio of the flux density produced by an electric field in a given dielectric to the flux density produced by that field in a vacuum.

Origin of permittivity First recorded in 1885–90; permit1 + -ive + -ity Also called dielectric constant, relative permittivity, specific inductive capacity. British Dictionary definitions for permittivity permittivity noun plural -ties

  1. a measure of the response of a substance to an electric field, expressed as the ratio of its electric displacement to the applied field strength; measured in farads per metreSymbol: ε See also relative permittivity, electric constant

permittivity in Science permittivity [pûr′mĭ-tĭv′ĭ-tē]

  1. A measure of the ability of a material to resist the formation of an electric field within it, equal to the ratio between the electric flux density and the electric field strength generated by an electric charge in the material.

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