Pernambuco [pur-nuh m-byoo-koh, -boo-; Portuguese per-nahm-boo-koo] Examples noun

  1. a state in NE Brazil. 38,000 sq. mi. (98,420 sq. km). Capital: Recife.
  2. former name of Recife.

Examples from the Web for pernambuco Historical Examples of pernambuco

  • The astronomer is M. Lias: the phenomenon was seen by him, at Pernambuco, April 11, 1860.

    The Book of the Damned

    Charles Fort

  • In the provinces of Pernambuco and Ceara a republic was proclaimed.

    A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year

    Edwin Emerson

  • Then they steamed up the coast to Pernambuco, and on to the West Indies.

    The History of Sir Richard Calmady

    Lucas Malet

  • The buildings are high, but neither so handsome nor so airy as those of Pernambuco.

    Journal of a Voyage to Brazil

    Maria Graham

  • Luiz do Rego was not the first governor of Pernambuco who had been shot at.

    Journal of a Voyage to Brazil

    Maria Graham

  • British Dictionary definitions for pernambuco Pernambuco noun

    1. a state of NE Brazil, on the Atlantic: consists of a humid coastal plain rising to a high inland plateau. Capital: Recife. Pop: 8 084 667 (2002). Area: 98 280 sq km (37 946 sq miles)
    2. the former name of Recife

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