perpetuate [per-pech-oo-eyt] SynonymsWord Origin verb (used with object), per·pet·u·at·ed, per·pet·u·at·ing.

  1. to make perpetual.
  2. to preserve from extinction or oblivion: to perpetuate one’s name.

Origin of perpetuate First recorded in 1520–30, perpetuate is from the Latin word perpetuātus (past participle of perpetuāre, derivative of perpetuus uninterrupted). See perpetual, -ate1 Related formsper·pet·u·a·ble, adjectiveper·pet·u·a·tion, per·pet·u·ance [per-pech-oo-uhns] /pərˈpɛtʃ u əns/, nounper·pet·u·a·tor, nounnon·per·pet·u·ance, nounnon·per·pet·u·a·tion, nounun·per·pet·u·a·ble, adjectiveun·per·pet·u·at·ed, adjectiveun·per·pet·u·at·ing, adjectiveCan be confusedperpetrate perpetuateSynonyms for perpetuate 2. save, maintain, sustain. British Dictionary definitions for perpetuance perpetuate verb

  1. (tr) to cause to continue or prevailto perpetuate misconceptions

Derived Formsperpetuation, nounWord Origin for perpetuate C16: from Latin perpetuāre to continue without interruption, from perpetuus perpetual xref See perpetrate Word Origin and History for perpetuance perpetuate v.

1520s, a back-formation from perpetuation or else from Latin perpetuatus, past participle of perpetuare “to make perpetual,” from perpetuus (see perpetual). Related: Perpetuated; Perpetuating.

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