perplexity [per-plek-si-tee] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural per·plex·i·ties.

  1. the state of being perplexed; confusion; uncertainty.
  2. something that perplexes: a case plagued with perplexities.
  3. a tangled, involved, or confused condition or situation.

Origin of perplexity 1350–1400; Middle English perplexite Old French Late Latin perplexitās, equivalent to Latin perplex(us) (see perplexed) + -itās -ity Related Words for perplexities puzzlement, bewilderment, riddle, conundrum, puzzle, mystification, stickler, question, cliffhanger, charade, subtlety, occult, cryptogram, crux, puzzler, enigma, secrecy, poser, why, twister Examples from the Web for perplexities Contemporary Examples of perplexities

  • He studied the complexities of the English language and the perplexities of religious faith.

    Why George Carlin Deserves His Own Street

    Kevin Bartini

    October 21, 2014

  • The history of exhibiting violence photojournalism is fraught with perplexities.

    Obama Was Right to Censor the Osama bin Laden Photo

    Harold Evans

    May 5, 2011

  • Deborah Tannen knows all about sisterhood, sister-speak, and the pitfalls and perplexities of sibling rivalry.

    Deborah Tannen on Sisterly Love

    Sandra McElwaine

    September 12, 2009

  • The labyrinth of perplexities that Abigail surveyed best summarized the vexations of the delegates in Philadelphia.

    The Original Power Couple

    Edith B. Gelles

    April 19, 2009

  • Historical Examples of perplexities

  • This was an unexpected piece of luck in the midst of my perplexities.

    The Captain of the Pole-Star and Other Tales

    Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Yet you ask me, a reliable machine, to help you in your perplexities?

    The Gorgeous Girl

    Nalbro Bartley

  • He was utterly worn out that evening by all the perplexities of his death-bed.


    Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer

  • His perplexities related to other things than the fear of any fall from honour.

    Young Mr. Barter’s Repentance

    David Christie Murray

  • As the summer advanced the perplexities of the Guises increased.

    The Rise of the Hugenots, Vol. 1 (of 2)

    Henry Martyn Baird

  • British Dictionary definitions for perplexities perplexity noun plural -ties

    1. the state of being perplexed
    2. the state of being intricate or complicated
    3. something that perplexes

    Word Origin and History for perplexities perplexity n.

    c.1300, “bewilderment,” from Old French perplexite “confusion, perplexity,” from Late Latin perplexitatem (nominative perplexitas), from Latin perplexus “confused, involved, interwoven,” from per- “completely” + plexus “entangled,” past participle of plectere “to twine” (see complex (adj.)). From 1590s as “something that causes perplexity.”

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