perry [per-ee] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural per·ries.

  1. a fermented beverage similar to cider, made from the juice of pears.

Origin of perry 1275–1325; Middle English pereye Middle French perey, variant of pere ≪ Vulgar Latin *pirātum (Latin pir(a) pear + -ātum, neuter of -ātus -ate1) Perry [per-ee] noun

  1. Antoinette,1888–1946, U.S. actress, theatrical manager, and producer.
  2. Bliss,1860–1954, U.S. educator, literary critic, and editor.
  3. Frederick JohnFred, 1909–1995, British tennis player.
  4. Matthew Cal·braith [kal-breyth] /ˈkæl breɪθ/, 1794–1858, U.S. commodore.
  5. his brotherOliver Hazard,1785–1819, U.S. naval officer.
  6. Ralph Barton,1876–1957, U.S. philosopher and educator.
  7. a male given name: from a Middle English word meaning “pear tree.”

Examples from the Web for perry Contemporary Examples of perry

  • He has picked pre-primary brawls with Christie, Perry, and Marco Rubio.

    Rand Paul’s Passive-Aggressive Trolling Campaign

    Olivia Nuzzi

    January 6, 2015

  • “Perry” chimed in: “They don’t want to take blame,” he said of the police union attacking De Blasio.

    Justice League Vigil for Slain NYPD Officers Asks Whose Life Matters

    Olivia Nuzzi

    December 22, 2014

  • Hirst and Perry too have courted their fair share of controversy.

    Has the Turner Prize Gone Soft?

    David Levesley

    December 2, 2014

  • And after the Driscoll story broke, another megapastor, Perry Noble, admitted to using ResultSource on one of his book projects.

    How the Religious Right Scams Its Way Onto the New York Times Bestseller List

    Warren Throckmorton

    November 16, 2014

  • For a second Perry presidential bid, the message would be rather simple.

    In Texas, Cruz, Perry Crow Over GOP Rout

    Tim Mak

    November 5, 2014

  • Historical Examples of perry

  • Miss Perry sat down in the teacher’s chair, her heart all in a flutter.

    Tip Lewis and His Lamp


  • No Miss Perry appeared; and it seemed, at first, that the mission boys were to have no teacher.

    Tip Lewis and His Lamp


  • “Miss Perry’s getting him some broth,” Mrs. Adams returned, calmly.

    Alice Adams

    Booth Tarkington

  • “Can’t poison you with much more of it,” Miss Perry interrupted him, indulgently.

    Alice Adams

    Booth Tarkington

  • The motors employed in the locomotives were invented by Messrs. Ayrton and Perry.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 417


  • British Dictionary definitions for perry perry noun plural -ries

    1. alcoholic drink made of pears, similar in taste to cider

    Word Origin for perry C14 pereye, from Old French peré, ultimately from Latin pirum pear Perry noun

    1. Fred (erick John). 1909–95, English tennis and table-tennis player; world singles table-tennis champion (1929); as a tennis player he won eight Grand Slam singles titles including the US Open three times (1933–34, 1936) and Wimbledon three times (1934–36)
    2. Grayson . born 1960, English potter, embroiderer, and film-maker; won the Turner Prize (2003).
    3. Matthew Calbraith. 1794–1858, US naval officer, who led a naval expedition to Japan that obtained a treaty (1854) opening up Japan to western trade
    4. his brother, Oliver Hazard. 1785–1819, US naval officer. His defeat of a British squadron on Lake Erie (1813) was the turning point in the War of 1812, leading to the recapture of Detroit

    Word Origin and History for perry Perry

    surname attested from late 12c., literally “dweller by the pear tree.”

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