noun Computers, Television.

  1. the smallest element of an image that can be individually processed in a video display system.


  1. any of a number of very small picture elements that make up a picture, as on a visual display unit

n.1969, coined to describe the photographic elements of a television image, from pix + first syllable of element. n.

  1. The smallest image-forming unit of a video display.

  1. The most basic unit of an image displayed on a computer or television screen or on a printer. Pixels are generally arranged in rows and columns; a given combination among the pixels of various brightness and color values forms an image.♦ A subpixel is one of three components of a pixel used in the representation of a color image. Each subpixel represents the contribution of a single color-red, green, or blue-to the overall color and brightness of the pixel.

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