polished [pol-isht] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. made smooth and glossy: a figurine of polished mahogany.
  2. naturally smooth and glossy: polished pebbles on the beach.
  3. refined, cultured, or elegant: a polished manner.
  4. flawless; skillful; excellent: a polished conversationalist.

Origin of polished First recorded in 1325–75, polished is from the Middle English word polist. See polish, -ed2 Related formsun·pol·ished, adjectivewell-pol·ished, adjective Examples from the Web for well-polished Contemporary Examples of well-polished

  • But last week, the world saw a different man, a crude version of the cosmetic, well-polished act of a politician.

    Saif Gaddafi’s Sham Exposed

    Judith Miller

    March 2, 2011

  • Historical Examples of well-polished

  • We may illustrate this by the image of a well-polished mirror.

    Mystics and Saints of Islam

    Claud Field

  • The parlour was cool and airy, with well-polished floor-boards, but no carpet.


    Archibald Marshall

  • Fancy a picture in which the shadows were as black as well-polished boots!

    The Book of Art for Young People

    Agnes Conway

  • Freddy started a little, and looked meditatively at the tips of his well-polished boots.

    The Grell Mystery

    Frank Froest

  • The superintendent tapped the step impatiently with the tip of his well-polished American boot, and his brow puckered.

    The Grell Mystery

    Frank Froest

  • British Dictionary definitions for well-polished polished adjective

    1. accomplisheda polished actor
    2. impeccably or professionally donea polished performance
    3. (of rice) having had the outer husk removed by milling

    Word Origin and History for well-polished polished adj.

    late 14c., “made smooth;” early 15c., “elegant;” past participle adjective from polish (v.).

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