prepared [pri-paird] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for prepared on adjective

  1. properly expectant, organized, or equipped; ready: prepared for a hurricane.
  2. (of food) processed by the manufacturer or seller, by cooking, cleaning, or the like, so as to be ready to serve or use with little or no further preparation.

Origin of prepared First recorded in 1520–30; prepare + -ed2 Related formspre·par·ed·ly [pri-pair-id-lee, -paird-lee] /prɪˈpɛər ɪd li, -ˈpɛərd li/, adverbself-pre·pared, adjectivesu·per·pre·pared, adjectiveun·pre·pared, adjectiveun·pre·par·ed·ly, adverbwell-pre·pared, adjective Related Words for well-prepared enjoyable, yummy, tempting, enticing, delectable, pleasant, heavenly, delightful, luscious, tasty, rich, appetizing, savory, distinctive, piquant, exquisite, spicy, sweet, good, lush Examples from the Web for well-prepared Contemporary Examples of well-prepared

  • It was quite quick, and everything was well-prepared in advanced.

    Carine Roitfeld Exclusive Interview About CR Fashion Book

    Isabel Wilkinson

    September 6, 2012

  • Historical Examples of well-prepared

  • Is it anything more than a well-prepared annal or chronicle?

    An Ethnologist’s View of History

    Daniel G. Brinton

  • The enemy was at his strongest, well-prepared and expectant.

    The War Service of the 1/4 Royal Berkshire Regiment (T. F.)

    Charles Robert Mowbray Fraser Cruttwell

  • It can, however, be grown on any well-prepared land of a free nature.

    Fruits of Queensland

    Albert Benson

  • Vegetables and legumes in well-prepared soups may also be used to advantage.

    Science in the Kitchen.

    Mrs. E. E. Kellogg

  • A youth of cheerful labor and study brings its own reward of a well-prepared and happy adult life.

    ‘Round the Year in Myth and Song

    Florence Holbrook

  • British Dictionary definitions for well-prepared well-prepared adjective (well prepared when postpositive)

    1. suitably prepared in advance

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