quarter note

quarter note

quarter note ExamplesWord Origin noun Music.

  1. a note equivalent to one fourth of a whole note; a crotchet.

Origin of quarter note First recorded in 1755–65 Examples from the Web for quarter note Historical Examples of quarter note

  • The suspension may now be a quarter-note, or its rhythmic equivalent.

    A Treatise on Simple Counterpoint in Forty Lessons

    Friedrich J. Lehmann

  • It is danced in either 2/4 or 6/8 time, and the first movement (in 2/4 time) occupies the duration of a quarter-note.

    The Fascinating Boston

    Alfonso Josephs Sheafe

  • British Dictionary definitions for quarter note quarter note noun

    1. US and Canadian music a note having the time value of a quarter of a semibreveAlso called: crotchet

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