quatercentenary [kwot-er-sen-ten-uh-ree, -sen-tn-er-ee; especially British kwot-er-sen-tee-nuh-ree] Word Origin noun, plural quat·er·cen·ten·ar·ies.

  1. a 400th aniversary or its celebration.


  1. pertaining to or marking a period of 400 years; quatercentennial.

Origin of quatercentenary 1880–85; Latin quater four times + centenary British Dictionary definitions for quatercentenary quatercentenary noun plural -naries

  1. a 400th anniversary or the year or celebration marking it

Derived Formsquatercentennial (ˌkwætəsɛnˈtɛnɪəl), adjective, nounWord Origin for quatercentenary C19: from Latin quater four times + centenary

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