Queensberry rules

Queensberry rules

Marquis of Queensberry rules [kweenz-ber-ee, -buh-ree] Word Origin plural noun Boxing.

  1. a set of basic rules for modern boxing, requiring among the main provisions the use of gloves instead of bare knuckles and the 10-second count for a knockout.

Origin of Marquis of Queensberry rules named after the eighth Marquis of Queensberry, who supervised the formulation of these rules in 1867Also called Queens·ber·ry rules. British Dictionary definitions for queensberry rules Queensberry rules pl n

  1. the code of rules followed in modern boxing, requiring the use of padded gloves, rounds of three minutes, and restrictions on the types of blows allowed
  2. informal gentlemanly or polite conduct, esp in a dispute

Word Origin for Queensberry rules (sense 1) C19: named after the ninth Marquess of Queensberry, who originated the rules in 1869 Word Origin and History for queensberry rules Queensberry Rules

drawn up 1867 by Sir John Sholto Douglas (1844-1900), 8th Marquis of Queensberry, to govern the sport of boxing in Great Britain.

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