quern [kwurn] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a primitive, hand-operated mill for grinding grain.

Origin of quern before 950; Middle English; Old English cweorn; akin to Old Norse kvern hand-mill Examples from the Web for quern Historical Examples of quern

  • He asked him for heaven’s sake to take back the quern, and that at once.

    Children’s Literature

    Charles Madison Curry

  • There stood his sisters by the quern, For the high-noon cakes they needs must earn.

    Poems by the Way

    William Morris

  • “It is the women singing and grinding at the quern,” she said, and her feet went faster.

    The Basket Woman

    Mary Austin

  • In the Norse story of Frodi’s quern, the myth assumes a whimsical shape.

    Myths and Myth-Makers

    John Fiske

  • But angels used to grind at the quern for Ciaran’s sake on the day that was his.

    The Latin & Irish Lives of Ciaran


  • British Dictionary definitions for quern quern noun

    1. a stone hand mill for grinding corn

    Word Origin for quern Old English cweorn; related to Old Frisian quern, Old High German kurn, Old Norse kverna, Gothic quairnus millstone Word Origin and History for quern n.

    Old English cweorn “hand-mill, mill,” from PIE *gwere-na- “millstone” (cf. Old Norse kvern, Old Frisian quern, Old High German quirn, Gothic quirnus; Sanskrit grava “crushing stone;” Lithuanian girna “millstone,” girnos “hand mills;” Old Church Slavonic zrunuvi “mills;” Welsh brevan “hand mill”), suffixed form of root *gwere- “heavy” (see grave (adj.)).

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