quick draw

quick draw

quick draw Examples noun

  1. a game or competition in which the winner is the quickest person to draw a handgun from a holster and sometimes to fire it and hit a target.

Related Words for quick draw vigorous, effective, deft, able, active, wise, ready, sharp, keen, perceptive, brainy, intelligent, shrewd, astute, energetic, agile, brisk, lithe, robust, sprightly Examples from the Web for quick draw Contemporary Examples of quick draw

  • Mark McKinnon on how our quick-draw culture makes for bad politics.

    Libya, Egypt Crises Demand Thought, Not Quick Political Shots

    Mark McKinnon

    September 12, 2012

  • Historical Examples of quick draw

  • I’ve seen men who could shoot well on liquor, but not quick-draw stuff.

    Four-Day Planet

    Henry Beam Piper

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