quillon [kee-yawn] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural quil·lons [kee-yawn] /kiˈyɔ̃/.

  1. either of two transverse projecting members forming the cross guard of a sword.

Origin of quillon French, derivative of quille pin, club Middle High German kegel club Examples from the Web for quillon Historical Examples of quillon

  • The earliest swords which have been found have no quillon or cross guard.

    A Handbook of Pictorial History

    Henry W. Donald

  • On the shores of a lake in Travancore, not far from the remote cantonment of Quillon, stands a monument to the memory of a dog.


    Major Gambier-Parry

  • British Dictionary definitions for quillon quillon noun

    1. (often plural) either half of the extended crosspiece of a sword or dagger

    Word Origin for quillon C19: from French, diminutive of quille bowling pin, ultimately from Old High German kegil club, stake

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