Quintilian [kwin-til-yuh n, -ee-uh n] Examples noun

  1. Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, a.d. c35–c95, Roman rhetorician.

Examples from the Web for quintilian Historical Examples of quintilian

  • He rarely made in that convention a speech which Quintilian would have approved.

    Patrick Henry

    Moses Coit Tyler

  • Poggio rescued “Quintilian” from the counter of a wood merchant.

    The Library

    Andrew Lang

  • Quintilian tried to stay this tide, and taught that oratory should conceal itself.

    History of Education

    Levi Seeley

  • I am now busy with Quintilian and Lucan, both excellent writers.

    Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay

    George Otto Trevelyan

  • The same may be said of other examples adduced, here as afterward, by Quintilian.

    The Life of Cicero

    Anthony Trollope

  • British Dictionary definitions for quintilian Quintilian noun

    1. Latin name Marcus Fabius Quintilianus. ?35–?96 ad, Roman rhetorician and teacher

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