raceway [reys-wey] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for raceway on Thesaurus.com noun

  1. Chiefly British. a passage or channel for water, as a millrace.
  2. a racetrack on which harness races are held.
  3. Electricity. a channel for protecting and holding electrical wires and cables, especially a metal rectangular tube used for such purposes.
  4. Machinery. race1(def 11).

Origin of raceway First recorded in 1820–30; race1 + way1 Related Words for raceway run, medium, means, tunnel, route, carrier, avenue, rill, creek, duct, rivulet, brook, tide, sluice, branch, gill, runnel, raceway, gully, strait Examples from the Web for raceway Historical Examples of raceway

  • By referring to Fig. 80, the action of the shuttle in the raceway can be seen, which is from A to B.

    The Library of Work and Play: Mechanics, Indoors and Out

    Fred T. Hodgson

  • The new reality is this highway of the spirit, the very course and raceway of self-consciousness.

    The Approach to Philosophy

    Ralph Barton Perry

  • He was having a raceway dug on the American river for the purpose of erecting a saw-mill, as there was no lumber in the country.

    The Adventures of a Forty-niner

    Daniel Knower

  • After my breakfast I took in the place and went to the raceway where the first piece of gold was discovered.

    The Adventures of a Forty-niner

    Daniel Knower

  • See the living stream pour into America through the raceway of Ellis Island.

    Aliens or Americans?

    Howard B. Grose

  • British Dictionary definitions for raceway raceway noun

    1. another word for race 1 (def. 5)
    2. a racetrack, esp one for banger racing
    3. another word (esp US) for race 1 (def. 6)

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