1. plural of ramus.

noun, plural ra·mi [rey-mahy] /ˈreɪ maɪ/. Botany, Zoology, Anatomy.

  1. a branch, as of a plant, vein, bone, etc.


  1. the plural of ramus

noun plural -mi (-maɪ)

  1. the barb of a bird’s feather
  2. either of the two parts of the lower jaw of a vertebrate
  3. any part or organ that branches from another part

“a branch” (anatomical), 1803, from Latin ramus “a branch, bough, twig,” related to radix “root;” see radish.

n. pl. ra•mi (-mī′)

  1. Any of the primary divisions of a nerve or blood vessel.
  2. A part of an irregularly shaped bone that is thicker than a process and forms an angle with the main body, especially the ascending part of the lower jaw that makes a joint at the temple.
  3. Any of the primary divisions of a cerebral sulcus.

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