adjective, rang·i·er, rang·i·est.

  1. (of animals or people) slender and long-limbed.
  2. given to or fitted for ranging or moving about, as animals.
  3. mountainous.

adjective rangier or rangiest

  1. (of animals or people) having long slender limbs
  2. adapted to wandering or roaming
  3. allowing considerable freedom of movement; spacious; roomy

“having a long, slender form” (as an animal suited to ranging), 1845, from range (v.) + -y (2). Also “adapted for ranging” (1868). Of landscapes, “hilly,” 1862, Australian English. Related: Ranginess.

As a rule, we hold that the Jersey should be “growthy,” deep-flanked, and loose-jointed, and should have, generally, the characteristics which farmers know as “rangy.” [“American Agriculturalist,” November 1876]

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