verb (used with object), re·cap·tured, re·cap·tur·ing.

  1. to capture again; recover by capture; retake.
  2. (of a government) to take by recapture.
  3. to recollect or reexperience (something past).


  1. the recovery or retaking by capture.
  2. the taking by the government of a fixed part of all earnings in excess of a certain percentage of property value, as in the case of a railroad.
  3. International Law. the lawful reacquisition of a former possession.
  4. the state or fact of being recaptured.

verb (tr)

  1. to capture or take again
  2. to recover, renew, or repeat (a lost or former ability, sensation, etc)she soon recaptured her high spirits
  3. US (of the government) to take lawfully (a proportion of the profits of a public-service undertaking)


  1. the act of recapturing or fact of being recaptured
  2. US the seizure by the government of a proportion of the profits of a public-service undertaking

1680s; see re- “back, again” + capture (n.).


1783, from re- “back, again” + capture (v.). Related: Recaptured; recapturing.

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