verb (used with object), re·dou·bled, re·dou·bling.

  1. to double; make twice as great: to redouble one’s efforts.
  2. to echo or reecho.
  3. Bridge. to double the double of (an opponent).
  4. to go back over: to redouble one’s footsteps.
  5. Archaic. to repeat.

verb (used without object), re·dou·bled, re·dou·bling.

  1. to be doubled; become twice as great.
  2. to be echoed; resound.
  3. Bridge. to double the double of an opponent.


  1. Bridge. the act of doubling one’s opponent’s double.
  2. Fencing. an attack in a line other than that of the previous attack, made after the failure of the opponent to follow his or her parry of the previous attack with a riposte.


  1. to make or become much greater in intensity, number, etcto redouble one’s efforts
  2. to send back (sounds) or (of sounds) to be sent back; echo or re-echo
  3. bridge to double (an opponent’s double)


  1. the act of redoubling

mid-15c., “double again, multiply” (trans.), from Middle French redoubler, from Old French re- “again” (see re-) + doubler “to double” (see double (v.)). Meaning “become twice as much” (intrans.) is from late 15c. Related: Redoubled; redoubling.

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