1. Nautical. a person who reefs.
  2. a short, close-fitting coat or jacket of thick cloth, similar to a pea jacket.
  3. a woman’s tailored, fitted, single- or double-breasted coat of durable material with a collar.

noun Slang.

  1. a marijuana cigarette.

noun Informal.

  1. a refrigerator, especially one large enough to be walked into.
  2. a refrigerator car, ship, truck, etc.


  1. nautical a person who reefs, such as a midshipman
  2. another name for reefing jacket
  3. slang a hand-rolled cigarette, esp one containing cannabis


  1. a ship, lorry, or other form of transport designed to carry refrigerated cargo

“marijuana cigarette,” 1920s, perhaps an alteration of Mexican Spanish grifo “marijuana, drug addict” [OED]; or perhaps from reef (v.), on resemblance to a rolled sail. It also meant “pickpocket” in criminal slang (1935). Reefer also was a nickname for “midshipman” (1818) “because they attend in the tops during the operation of reefing” [Century Dictionary], which is the source of the meaning “coat of a nautical cut” (1878) worn by sailors and fishermen “but copied for general use in the fashions of 1888-90” [CD].


  1. Marijuana, especially a marijuana cigarette.

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