verb (used with object)

  1. to send back, remit, or consign again.
  2. Law.
    1. to send back (a case) to a lower court from which it was appealed, with instructions as to what further proceedings should be had.
    2. (of a court or magistrate) to send back (a prisoner or accused person) into custody, as to await further proceedings.


  1. the act of remanding.
  2. the state of being remanded.
  3. a person remanded.

verb (tr)

  1. law (of a court or magistrate) to send (a prisoner or accused person) back into custody or admit him to bail, esp on adjourning a case for further inquiries to be made
  2. to send back


  1. the sending of a prisoner or accused person back into custody (or sometimes admitting him to bail) to await trial or continuation of his trial
  2. the act of remanding or state of being remanded
  3. on remand in custody or on bail awaiting trial or completion of one’s trial

mid-15c., from Middle French remander “send for again” (12c.) or directly from Late Latin remandare “to send back word, repeat a command,” from Latin re- “back” (see re-) + mandare “to consign, order, commit to one’s charge” (see mandate (n.)). Specifically in law, “send back (a prisoner) on refusing an application for discharge.” Related: Remanded; remanding.

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