1. a quantity of food taken or provided for one occasion of eating: to eat a light repast.
  2. a meal: the evening repast.
  3. the time during which a meal is eaten; mealtime.
  4. Archaic. the taking of food, as at a meal.
  5. Obsolete. food.

verb (used without object)

  1. to eat or feast (often followed by on or upon).


  1. a meal or the food provided at a meala light repast
  2. archaic
    1. food in general; nourishment
    2. the act of taking food or refreshment


  1. (intr) archaic to feed (on)

late 14c., from Old French repast (Modern Frech repas) “a meal, food,” from Late Latin repastus “meal” (also source of Spanish repasto, noun use of past participle of repascere “to feed again,” from Latin re- “repeatedly” (see re-) + pascere “to graze” (see pastor). The verb (intransitive) is from late 15c.

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