Symbol, Chemistry, Physics.

  1. rutherfordium.

  1. radiofrequency.


  1. right fielder.

  1. range finder.
  2. rapid-fire.
  3. reducing flame.
  4. Baseball. right field.

  1. Reserve Force.

abbreviation for

  1. rinforzandoAlso: rfz

the chemical symbol for

  1. rutherfordium

abbreviation for

  1. radio frequency


  1. releasing factor
  2. rheumatoid factor
  3. rheumatic fever

  1. The symbol for rutherfordium.


  1. A synthetic, radioactive element that is produced by bombarding plutonium with carbon or neon ions. Its most stable isotope is Rf 261 with a half-life of 62 seconds. Atomic number 104. See Periodic Table.

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