noun, plural rhon·chi [rong-kahy] /ˈrɒŋ kaɪ/.

  1. a wheezing or snoring sound heard upon auscultation of the chest, caused by an accumulation of mucus or other material.

noun plural -chi (-kaɪ)

  1. a rattling or whistling respiratory sound resembling snoring, caused by secretions in the trachea or bronchi

plural rhonchi, 1829, from Latinized form of Greek rhenkhos, rhankos, properly “a snoring, snorting,” from rhenkein “to snore, snort,” of imitative origin. Related: Rhonchal; rhonchial.

n. pl. rhon•chi (-kī)

  1. A coarse rattling sound somewhat like snoring, usually caused by secretion in a bronchial tube.

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