1. members of a conservative or reactionary political party, or those opposing extensive political reform.
  2. such a political party or a group of such parties.
  3. that part of a political or social organization advocating a conservative or reactionary position: The union’s right wing favored a moderate course of action.


  1. (often capitals) the conservative faction of an assembly, party, etc
  2. the part of an army or field of battle on the right from the point of view of one facing the enemy
    1. the right-hand side of the field of play from the point of view of a team facing its opponent’s goal
    2. a player positioned in this area in any of various games
    3. the position occupied by such a player

adjective right-wing

  1. of, belonging to, or relating to the right wing

1570s of armies; from 1882 in football; 1905 in the political sense (cf. left wing). Right-winger attested by 1919 in U.S. politics, 1895 in sports.

A descriptive term for conservative or reactionary political views, particularly those supporting the current social order or calling for a return to an earlier order. Right-wing groups are sometimes known collectively as the Right. (Compare left-wing.)

A descriptive term for an individual or a political faction that advocates very conservative policies. Right-wing groups generally support free enterprise. In the United States, the right wing generally argues for a strong national defense program and opposes federal involvement in promoting social welfare. (Compare left-wing.)

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