1. of or relating to road shows.

verb (used with object), road-showed, road-show·ing.

  1. to present as a road show.


  1. a show, as a play or musical comedy, performed by a touring group of actors.
  2. an important motion picture, usually presented only twice daily on a reserved-seat basis and at increased prices.
  3. any traveling exhibit, as one promoting a company’s products or a government program.
  4. Informal. any group traveling about the country for a specific purpose, as a political candidate together with his or her entourage.


    1. a radio show broadcast live from one of a number of towns or venues being visited by a disc jockey who is touring an area
    2. the touring disc jockey and the personnel and equipment needed to present such a showthe Radio 1 road show will be in Brighton next week
  1. a group of entertainers, esp pop musicians, on tour
  2. any occasion when an organization attracts publicity while touring or visitingan antiques road show; a royal road show

A tour made for a particular purpose, especially a political campaign. For example, It was primary season, and every would-be candidate was planning a road show. This term originated about 1900 for touring theatrical productions and in the mid-1900s began to be transferred to other endeavors.

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