rock and roll

rock and roll


  1. rock-‘n’-roll.


  1. a style of popular music that derives in part from blues and folk music and is marked by a heavily accented beat and a simple, repetitive phrase structure.


  1. of or relating to this music.

verb (used without object)

  1. to dance to or play rock-‘n’-roll.


    1. a type of pop music originating in the 1950s as a blend of rhythm and blues and country and western. It is generally based upon the twelve-bar blues, the first and third beats in each bar being heavily accented
    2. (as modifier)the rock-and-roll era
  1. dancing performed to such music, with exaggerated body movements stressing the beat


  1. (intr) to perform this dance

also rock ‘n’ roll, 1954 in reference to a specific style of popular music, from rock (v.2) + roll (v.). The verbal phrase had been a Black English euphemism for “sexual intercourse,” used in popular dance music lyrics and song titles since at least the 1930s.

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