noun, plural ro·de·os.

  1. a public exhibition of cowboy skills, as bronco riding and calf roping.
  2. a roundup of cattle.
  3. Informal. any contest offering prizes in various events: a bicycle rodeo for kids under twelve.
  4. (initial capital letter, italics) a ballet (1942) choreographed by Agnes de Mille, with musical score by Aaron Copland.

verb (used without object), ro·de·oed, ro·de·o·ing.

  1. to participate or compete in a rodeo or rodeos: He’s been rodeoing since he was twelve.

noun plural -os mainly US and Canadian

  1. a display of the skills of cowboys, including bareback riding, steer wrangling, etc
  2. the rounding up of cattle for branding, counting, inspection, etc
  3. an enclosure for cattle that have been rounded up

1914 as public entertainment show of horse-riding skill, from earlier meaning “cattle round-up” (1834), from Spanish rodeo, “pen for cattle at a fair or market,” literally “a going round,” from rodear “go round, surround,” related to rodare “revolve, roll,” from Latin rotare “go around” (see rotary).

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