rosery noun plural -series

  1. a bed or garden of roses

Examples from the Web for rosery Historical Examples of rosery

  • In a rosery of Fetter lane of Gerard, herbalist, he walks, greyedauburn.


    James Joyce

  • The filling-in of the sides of the rosery is plainly shown in the elevation, Fig. 91.

    Rustic Carpentry

    Paul N. Hasluck

  • He bent his head, and soon after he went for a walk in the rosery with Lucy Carteret, whom he hates.

    Beatrice Boville and Other Stories


  • Lady Martlett had come, telling herself that she wanted company; now she was at The Rosery, she felt that she wanted to be alone.

    The Rosery Folk

    George Manville Fenn

  • The last trouble that happened at the Rosery was when old John Monnick passed away.

    The Rosery Folk

    George Manville Fenn

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