rostral [ros-truh l] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. of or relating to a rostrum.

Origin of rostral 1700–10; Late Latin rōstrālis, equivalent to Latin rōstr(um) rostrum + -ālis -al1 Related formsros·tral·ly, adverbpost·ros·tral, adjectivesub·ros·tral, adjective Examples from the Web for rostral Historical Examples of rostral

  • Rostral: pertaining or attached to a rostrum; specifically of Hemiptera.

    Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology

    John. B. Smith

  • Near this, the base of the rostral column, Colonna Duilia, has been found.

    Walks in Rome

    Augustus J.C. Hare

  • This process is known as the tracheal process, or rostral cartilage.

    Artistic Anatomy of Animals

    douard Cuyer

  • Ratio of rostral depth to distance between middle of interparietal and lower rim of audital bulla, 50.

    Mammals Collected by Dr. W. L. Abbott on the Natuna Islands

    Gerrit Miller

  • A rostral pillar is a column ornamented with such beaks or prows, which were, in the Roman language, called rostra.


    Jacob Abbott

  • British Dictionary definitions for rostral rostral adjective

    1. biology of or like a beak or snout
    2. adorned with the prows of shipsa rostral column

    Word Origin and History for rostral adj.

    c.1400, from Late Latin rostralis, from Latin rostrum “beak” (see rostrum).

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