rotator cuff

rotator cuff

rotator cuff Examples noun

  1. a bandlike structure encircling and supporting the shoulder joint, formed by four muscles attached to and merging with the joint capsule.

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  • Moreover, she had health insurance through her employer, which she only lost when a rotator-cuff injury cost her her own job.

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    August 9, 2012

  • British Dictionary definitions for rotator cuff rotator cuff noun

    1. anatomy the structure around the shoulder joint consisting of the capsule of the joint along with the tendons of the adjacent muscles

    rotator cuff in Medicine rotator cuff n.

    1. A set of muscles and tendons that secures the arm to the shoulder joint and permits rotation of the arm.musculotendinous cuff

    rotator cuff in Science rotator cuff [rō′tā′tər]

    1. A group of muscles and tendons attaching the shoulder to the scapula (shoulder blade) that provide stability to the shoulder joint and act to rotate the arm. Injuries to the rotator cuff often happen when the arm is repeatedly moved over the head with great force, as when pitching a baseball.

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