1. a male given name, form of Samuel.
  2. a female given name, form of Samantha.

  1. shared-appreciation mortgage.


  1. surface-to-air missile.
  2. Space Available Mail: a special air service for sending parcels weighing up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg) to overseas members of the armed forces: only the regular parcel post rate to the U.S. port of shipment is charged.


  1. Samuel.


  1. David SamuelSam, 1925–84, U.S. film director and screenwriter.


  1. Ernest Thomas Sin·ton [sin-tn] /ˈsɪn tn/, 1903–95, Irish physicist: Nobel prize 1951.
  2. I·zaak [ahy-zuh k] /ˈaɪ zək/, 1593–1683, English writer.
  3. Samuel MooreSam, 1918–92, U.S. business executive and founder of Wal-Mart Stores.
  4. Sir William (Turner),1902–83, English composer.


  1. Samuel James, Jr.Sam, 1896–1985, U.S. jurist and politician: senator 1954–74.
  2. a male given name.

verb sams, samming or sammed (tr)

  1. sam hold of Northern English dialect to collect; gather up

n acronym for

  1. surface-to-air missile


  1. Sam (uel David). 1926–84, US film director, esp of Westerns, such as The Wild Bunch (1969). Among his other films are Straw Dogs (1971), Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974), and Cross of Iron (1977)

abbreviation for

  1. Samuel


  1. Ernest Thomas Sinton. 1903–95, Irish physicist. He succeeded in producing the first artificial transmutation of an atomic nucleus (1932) with Sir John Cockcroft, with whom he shared the Nobel prize for physics 1951
  2. Izaak (ˈaɪzək). 1593–1683, English writer, best known for The Compleat Angler (1653; enlarged 1676)
  3. Sir William (Turner). 1902–83, English composer. His works include Façade (1923), a setting of satirical verses by Edith Sitwell, the Viola Concerto (1929), and the oratorio Belshazzar’s Feast (1931)

1958, acronym for surface to air missile.

  1. Irish physicist who, with John Cockcroft, was the first to successfully split an atom using a particle accelerator in 1932. For this work they shared the 1951 Nobel Prize for physics.

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