noun, plural sar·co·mas, sar·co·ma·ta [sahr-koh-muh-tuh] /sɑrˈkoʊ mə tə/. Pathology.

  1. any of various malignant tumors composed of neoplastic cells resembling embryonic connective tissue.

noun plural -mata (-mətə) or -mas

  1. pathol a usually malignant tumour arising from connective tissue

n.1650s, “fleshy excrescence,” Medical Latin, from Greek sarkoma “fleshy substance” (Galen), from sarkoun “to produce flesh, grow fleshy,” from sarx (genitive sarkos) “flesh” (see sarcasm) + -oma. Meaning “harmful tumor of the connective tissue” first recorded 1804. n. pl. sar•co•mas

  1. A malignant tumor arising from connective tissues.

Plural sarcomas sarcomata (sär-kōmə-tə)

  1. A malignant tumor originating from mesodermal tissue, such as fat, muscle, or bone. Compare carcinoma.

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