noun, plural Sas·sa·nids, Sas·sa·ni·dae [suhsah-ni-dee, –san-i-] /səˈsɑ nɪˌdi, -ˈsæn ɪ-/.

  1. a member of a dynasty that ruled in Persia a.d. 226–651.


  1. of or relating to the Sassanids or their dynasty.

noun plural Sassanids or Sassanidae (sæˈsænɪˌdiː)

  1. any member of the native dynasty that built and ruled an empire in Persia from 224 to 636 a.d

dynasty that ruled the Persian Empire 211-651 C.E., 1776, from Medieval Latin Sassanidæ (plural), from Sasan, grandfather of Ardashir I, who founded the dynasty.

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