adjective, shad·ow·i·er, shad·ow·i·est.

  1. resembling a shadow in faintness, slightness, etc.: shadowy outlines.
  2. unsubstantial, unreal, or illusory: shadowy preoccupations.
  3. abounding in shadow; shady: a shadowy path.
  4. enveloped in shadow.
  5. casting a shadow.


  1. full of shadows; dark; shady
  2. resembling a shadow in faintness; vague
  3. illusory or imaginary
  4. mysterious or secretivea shadowy underworld figure

adj.late 14c., shadewy, “full of shadows,” also “transitory, fleeting, unreal;” see shadow (n.) + -y (2). From 1797 as “faintly perceptible.” Related: Shadowiness. Old English had sceadwig “shady.”

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