shrievalty [shree-vuh l-tee] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural shriev·al·ties.

  1. the office, term, or jurisdiction of a sheriff.

Origin of shrievalty 1495–1505; shrieve1 + -alty, as in mayoralty Also called sheriffalty. Examples from the Web for shrievalty Historical Examples of shrievalty

  • He ought to do something to make his shrievalty memorable… and, moreover, the Lord-Lieutenant was an old man.

    Brother Copas

    Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

  • Five years later David Salomons, a Jew, was admitted to the shrievalty.

    London and the Kingdom – Volume III

    Reginald R. Sharpe

  • Mr. Stephen Tidey Senior, sir, as you may be aware, is next on the list for the shrievalty.

    The Lighted Way

    E. Phillips Oppenheim

  • A very pretty custom obtained, as we learn by the records of Evelyn’s father’s shrievalty.

    A Righte Merrie Christmasse

    John Ashton

  • The shrievalty of the County Palatine has always been esteemed the blue riband of shrievalties.

    Recollections of a Busy Life

    William B. Forwood

  • British Dictionary definitions for shrievalty shrievalty noun plural -ties

    1. the office or term of office of a sheriff
    2. the jurisdiction of a sheriff

    Word Origin for shrievalty C16: from shrieve, on the model of mayoralty

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