sideburns [sahyd-burnz] ExamplesWord Origin plural noun

  1. short whiskers extending from the hairline to below the ears and worn with an unbearded chin.
  2. the projections of the hairline forming a border on the face in front of each ear.

Origin of sideburns 1885–90, Americanism; alteration of burnsides Related Words for sideburns wig, hairstyle, grass, fur, haircut, fiber, wool, strand, eyebrow, mane, stubble, goatee, burnsides, mustache, beard, shock, lock, tress, down, cut Examples from the Web for sideburns Contemporary Examples of sideburns

  • The extravagantly-coiffed cyclist had, however, shaved off his sideburns for today’s ceremony in Buckingham Palace.

    Arise Sir Bradley!

    Tom Sykes

    December 10, 2013

  • Just writing those last two sentences makes me feel better than a guy with sideburns describing his first Cronut on Yelp.

    How Salman Rushdie’s Tweet Put Me Off Twitter

    Benjamin Anastas

    July 8, 2013

  • There are details that make it seem so far away now: the sideburns, the wide flares, the cobblestones.

    How Long, How Long Did We Sing that Song?

    Colum McCann

    June 16, 2010

  • Historical Examples of sideburns

  • And outwardly he remained a mild little figure with sideburns, kindly tolerant toward everyone.


    Ben Hecht

  • He wore his brown mustache thick and let it grow back over his cheeks to join his sideburns.


    Robert Shea

  • British Dictionary definitions for sideburns sideburns pl n

    1. a man’s whiskers grown down either side of the face in front of the earsAlso called: sideboards, side whiskers, (Austral) sidelevers

    Word Origin for sideburns C19: variant of burnsides Word Origin and History for sideburns n.

    1880, American English, alteration of burnsides (q.v).

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