Siegbahn [seeg-bahn] noun

  1. Karl Man·ne Ge·org [kahrl mahn-nuh yey-awr-yuh] /kɑrl ˈmɑn nə ˈyeɪ ɔr yə/, 1886–1978, Swedish physicist: Nobel prize 1924.

British Dictionary definitions for siegbahn Siegbahn noun

  1. Kai (kaɪ). 1918–2007, Swedish physicist who worked on electron spectroscopy: Nobel prize for physics 1981
  2. his father, Karl Manne Georg (kɑːrl ˈmanə ˈjeːɔrj). 1886–1978, Swedish physicist, who discovered the M series in X-ray spectroscopy: Nobel prize for physics 1924

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