Sieyès [sye-yes] Examples noun

  1. Em·ma·nu·el Jo·seph [e-ma-ny-el zhaw-zef] /ɛ ma nüˈɛl ʒɔˈzɛf/, Abbé Sieyès, 1748–1836, French priest and revolutionist.

Examples from the Web for sieyes Historical Examples of sieyes

  • Sieyes was well known to be what the French call an idealogue.

    Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 62, No. 382, October 1847


  • “The other two consuls are Sieyes and Dacos,” interrupted Marianne.

    Louisa Of Prussia and Her Times

    Louise Muhlbach

  • The Sieyes Constitution can disembark itself, and begin marching.

    A Wanderer in Paris

    E. V. Lucas

  • His name was Sieyes, and you all know that he too had been a priest before the Revolution.

    An Historical Mystery

    Honore de Balzac

  • Sieyes, we say, is making the Constitution once more; has as good as made it.

    The French Revolution

    Thomas Carlyle

  • British Dictionary definitions for sieyes Sieyès noun

    1. Emmanuel Joseph (ɛmanɥɛl ʒozɛf), called Abbé Sieyès. 1748–1836, French statesman, political theorist, and churchman, who became prominent during the Revolution following the publication of his pamphlet Qu’est-ce que le tiers état? (1789). He was instrumental in bringing Napoleon I to power (1799)

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