signior [seen-yawr, -yohr, sin-yawr, -yohr] Examples noun

  1. signor.

Examples from the Web for signior Historical Examples of signior

  • I pray you, is Signior Montanto returned from the wars, or no?

    Characteristics of Women

    Anna Jameson

  • Come, Signior Principe, there is your partner ready for you.

    The Pirate of the Mediterranean

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • Nay all women Signior, that can live only upon the smell of a Rose.

    Beaumont & Fletcher’s Works (7 of 10):

    Francis Beaumont

  • Gentlemen, leave these dissensions;Signior Rogero, you are a man of worth.

    The Works of John Marston

    John Marston

  • Signior Claridiana, what weapon had you for this bloody act?

    The Works of John Marston

    John Marston

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