signpost [sahyn-pohst] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a post bearing a sign that gives information or guidance.
  2. any immediately perceptible indication, obvious clue, etc.

verb (used with object)

  1. to provide (a place, route, etc.) with signposts.

Origin of signpost First recorded in 1610–20; sign + post1 Examples from the Web for sign-posted Historical Examples of sign-posted

  • It was not a regular automobile road and was not sign-posted.

    The Campfire Girls Go Motoring

    Hildegard G. Frey

  • It is as hard for me to keep on the main track of my story as it was for the Glow-worm to stay on the sign-posted highway.

    The Campfire Girls Go Motoring

    Hildegard G. Frey

  • Thus the dark narrow passage-way from the elementary to the higher schools is being widened, lighted, paved and sign-posted.

    The New Education

    Scott Nearing

  • British Dictionary definitions for sign-posted signpost noun

    1. a post bearing a sign that shows the way, as at a roadside
    2. something that serves as a clue or indication; sign

    verb (tr; usually passive)

    1. to mark with signposts
    2. to indicate direction towardsthe camp site is signposted from the road

    Word Origin and History for sign-posted signpost n.

    also sign-post, 1610s, “sign on a post, usually indicating an inn or shop,” from sign (n.) + post (n.1). Meaning “guide- or direction-post along a road” is attested from 1863. Figurative sense is from 1889.

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