Sihanouk [see-uh-noo k] noun

  1. Prince No·ro·dom [nawr-uh-dom, -duh m] /ˈnɔr əˌdɒm, -dəm/, 1922–2004, Cambodian statesman: premier 1952–60; chief of state 1960–70 and 1975–76.

British Dictionary definitions for sihanouk Sihanouk noun

  1. King Norodom (ˌnɒrəˈdɒm). 1922–2012, Cambodian statesman; king of Cambodia (1941–55 and from 1993); prime minister (1955–60), after which he became head of state. He was deposed in 1970 but reinstated (1975–76) following the victory of the Khmer Rouge in the civil war. He was head of state in exile from 1982; returned in 1991 and became monarch in 1993 under a new constitution; abdicated 2004

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